Learning Process

The system of education in Faculty of Economics UMY uses Semester Credit Unit (SKS) system, that is education system with SKS which become the burden of student study in a study program, and uses semester as unit of time of education program implementation. SKS is a learning activity equivalent to 50 minutes of scheduled face-to-face activities, 50 minutes of structured academic activities and 50 minutes of independent academic activities.

Semester is a time unit of activities consisting of 16 to 18 weeks of lectures or other scheduled activities, and two to three weeks of assessment activities conducted in a semester, generally in the form of face-to-face lectures, practicum, fieldwork, tests, home and various other activities that are given a success rating. The burden of study for students in the form of subjects are summarized in a curriculum that each course has a weight between 1 (one) to 6 (six) credits.

The principal objective of the credit system is to provide an opportunity for capable students to complete the study within the shortest possible time frame. Semester credit system also provides flexibility for students to choose the courses that will be applied in each semester, according to their interests and abilities. In addition, the determination of the composition of the types of courses that can be taken by students in a semester, determined by the prerequisite course. The general principles of the implementation of education using the semester credit system are as follows:

  1. There is no rate increase in any academic year.
  2. The weight of each course is rewarded with the SKS that between the courses one with the other amount should not be the same.
  3. The number of credits taken and the composition of the types of courses taken by students in each semester, do not need the same among students who are with each other.
  4. The time to complete the study does not need to be the same among the students with each other.
  5. Students within certain limits are given the freedom to determine the number of credits earned in each semester, and also grant the freedom to determine the time period for completing the required study load.

Faculty of Economics UMY as Muhammadiyah Higher Education which provides general education, conducting educational activities based on the provisions outlined by the Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education. In the implementation of education Faculty of Economics UMY obtain guidance, coaching and assistance from Kopertis Region V DIY. In addition, as one of the business charity Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah, Faculty of Economics UMY carry out activities in accordance with the ideals of the Muhammadiyah Persyarikatan movement.