A few time ago, IMaBs welcomes three students from Khon Kaen Business School (KKBS) Thailand. The three of them are Jane, Tanyo and Pond. The KKBS students will participate in internship program for six months in Yogyakarta. This internship program is a result of taken collaboration between FEB UMY and KKBS in 2016.

Director of IMaBs, Dr.Indah Fatmawati welcomes the three of them and also introduce IMaBs students and campus activity to them. Dr.Indah said that they must gain a lot of experiences during the program.

On the next day,The Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business UMY, Dr. Rizal Yaya welcomes the three of KKBS Students in Ruang Sidang FEB UMY. Dr. Rizal Yaya explain how to survive in Yogyakarta and especially in UMY.

Jane, Tanyo, and Pond said that they are so happy of the warmth welcome from everyone around the faculty. The three of KKBS Students will spend their internship time in Jogja T-Shirt for two months also in unit of the faculty and department of management for the rest.