Full Name : Dr. Indah Fatmawati, SE. M.Si
Place, Date of Birth : Pekalongan, 16 August 1969
Office Address : Jalan Lingkar Selatan, Kasihan, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55183
NIP/NIK : 143 029
NIDN : 0516086901
Academic Position : Associate Professor
Education :
a.       Bachelor : Management Universitas Islam Indonesia
b.      Mater : Management Universitas Gadjah Mada
c.      Doctoral : Management Universitas Gadjah Mada


Scope of Work

Responsible for the development of resources include human resources, general, financial, assets and legal fields in Management courses


  1. Determining work priorities
  2. Providing Performance appraisal of lecturers and education personnel
  3. Nursing letters and documents as required
  4. Reject the work of irrelevant subordinates.


  1. Responsible for resource development in Management program at UMY
  2. Responsible for ensuring the accuracy of resource standards in the UMY Management program
  3. Responsible for truth and accuracy: formulation of policy, target formulation, harmony and integrity of work relationships, completeness of work materials and work
  4. Responsible for confidentiality of letters, documents, data and information
  5. Responsible for the truth and completeness of the report on the execution of duties
  6. Responsible discipline of subordinates
  7. Responsible for the efficient utilization of ATK and APK.

Job Description

  1. Plan, develop strategies and policies on resource management including human, financial, asset, general and legal resources at the level of Management and Business courses
  2. Develop and implement information systems of resource management including financial resources, human resources, asset resources, general and legal field at study program level in the form of mechanism, regulation and SOP
  3. Propose and motivate lecturers for further study (linearity)
  4. Motivate lecturers to conduct self-development by following short course, seminars and workshops
  5. To propose the development of the competence of education personnel at the study program level
  6. Achieve a level of service that can satisfy stakeholders.
    Formulate the annual operational plan (RENOP) of the study program in the field of resource management
  7. Monitoring and evaluating activities in the field of resources (human, general, financial, asset, general, legal) at the level of the study program
  8. Implement coordination with lecturers and education personnel at the study program level in the framework of resource development
  9. Documenting all activity products in hardcopy and / or softcopy
  10. Prepare periodic accountability reports (LPJ) as well as end-of-term memories at the end of the term of office
  11. Carry out other relevant tasks on the orders of superiors
  12. Accompanying new officials during the transitional period of one month after the election of the new department-study secretary.