In the opening ceremony of the 2018 New Students’ Period of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (Mataf Maba UMY) University on Monday (8/27) at Sportorium, General Chairperson of the Muhammadiyah Central Executive Haedar Nashir told the freshmen to be honest, faithful and knowledgeable in all aspect. In order to create a generation of corruption free and progress based on faith.
Honesty must be embedded in a student, especially to avoid the tradition of cheating in an effort towards a better Indonesia. Because currently very rarely found leaders who prioritize honesty. “Nyontek is a small act of corruption training, so if you cheat you will become an official of corruption. Honestly better, you can succeed without cheating. If you can be honest with yourself, God willing, you will be honest with others, “Haedar said in his speech before 5374 UMY freshmen in 2018.
In addition, one of the personalities that students must possess is close to God. In this case Maba must believe after the nature of honesty is embedded in them. But Haedar on this occasion warned that faith is not just hablum minallah, but must form godly individuals in the social life of humanity.
The importance of honesty and faith in God is one of the characters who begin to wear off in Indonesia. Therefore Haedar expects UMY students to have the courage to express mistakes if they are guilty, do not cover up mistakes with other mistakes, pass a lie to another lie. “Make Muhammad SAW an example because he was able to unite the Arabs with an honesty, until he was given the title Al-Amin,” he said again.
No less important than being honest and faithful, Haedar also said that students must have quality knowledge. The tradition of creating knowledgeable people is to read, in addition because God revealed the first revelation to the Prophet Muhammad SAW was Iqra (reading). By reading, one can achieve progress and civilization.
Another message was also conveyed by the UMY Chancellor Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto M.P to UMY new students in 2018. According to Gunawan, students must be the pillars of the nation that is able to maintain the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia with all body and soul. “Students must be prepared to guard every inch of land from foreign threats. And defend the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia when sovereignty has been sold in Indonesia, “he said.
Successful person
In the second session of the event, Fahd Pahdepie, UMY alumni who are also writers and also social activists said that freshmen must also be agents of change. “As a student you have a duty to become the embodiment of the slogan of a person that is beneficial for the nation and nation. But there must be one thing you know, that out of 5000 people present at this time not all will be successful individuals. This is a fact that you must accept and understand first, “said the graduate of the International Relations program at UMY.
Fahd explained that to be successful, there were several ways that students needed to do. “There are some rules that you need to do to achieve success, first have your mindset and dreams about your success and put it in front of you and pursue it. Because sometimes your success is not about GPA or a stack of achievements that you have, but about the courage to run a mindset and realize dreams, “he explained.
“Second, remember that you are ‘indebted’ to many people. To get to the current position, you have been helped by many parties ranging from parents to the environment. Precisely based on research only 18 percent of Indonesian students have the opportunity to get a higher education. This means that 82 percent of people who do not have this opportunity must be included in the calculation of ‘paying off your debt’, “Fahd continued.
“Then the last, realize that your life is waiting, not the other way around. Many of us still think that we are waiting, waiting to be students first, waiting for opportunities and more. Though not, life is waiting and we have to handle it. Understand and apply this in your daily life and I am sure you will succeed, “he concluded. (habibi & raditia)